Piano Tiles 1 Lite

Piano Tiles 1 Lite

Piano Tiles 1 Lite

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Piano Tiles 2: Episode 1 - Little Star

003 - Canon - Piano Tiles 2 (2580)

Piano Tiles 2 - Canon (Rock) 3209 Score!

Explore this thrilling and challenging top rated Game for FREE!

Enjoy the tense rhythm, beautiful graphics and smooth control feelings. Do not forget to collect as many coins as possible to beat you friend’s high score!

There are Four modes in the game:
✪ Classic mode, get 25/50 black tiles as soon as possible.
✪ Arcade mode, try your best to tap the dark tiles as many as you can, and do not miss one.
✪ Zen mode, try your best to tap the black tiles as many as you can in 15/30 seconds.
✪ Bomb mode, try your best to esquive bombs.

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****** EXPLORE - various levels and challenges
******* SMOOTH - smooth control and thrilling pace
******** BEAUTIFUL – Stunning Graphics
********ACTION – Thrilling actions that will keep you on your toes!
********DODGE - Race past obstacles while trying your best to collect ALL of the coins

How To Play:
The rules is easy, just tap the black tile to the music and play fast.
You don’t want to miss this!
1. Collect as many points as you can.
2. Don't tap the white tiles.
3. Share your best score with you friends and family.
Compatible with ALL devices. Download this Game for FREE today